Personal and individual attention for your cat while you're away

Van Ness Boarding Cattery provide a welcoming enviroment for your cherished pet while you are away on holiday.

We provide luxury, purpose built, brick cat houses with individual runs, in a quiet and serene garden to ensure your cat is as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay.

We welcome all breeds and ages and understand that every cat is different in their demeanour. We genuinely love animals and will take every opportunity to give them cuddles and attention.

Why choose Van Ness Boarding Cattery?

  • Small intimate cattery with 6 units ensuring personal attention
  • Based in a quiet garden to ensure you cat is kept relaxed at all times
  • Licensed and inspected by Central Bedfordshire's Environmental Health Officer regularly
  • Competitive prices available for multiple cats
  • All cats are insured by Petplan whilst boarding
  • Purpose built brick (not wood) luxury cat houses leading to individual runs
  • Fully vaccinated cats only
  • Last but not least, all cats (if willing) are given cuddles

Enquiries and inspections are most welcome by mutually convenient appointment.


Make a reservation for your cat on
01462 850 492

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